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Extreme weather can often cause significant damage to a home or business. If your property has suffered the effects of a storm, contact our experts for professional assistance. Storm Solution Specialists, Inc provides roofing and siding services for home and business owners throughout Omaha, Bellevue, Council Bluffs, and Lincoln. On this page we have collected relevant articles, news, and tips. If you require any of our services, please do not hesitate to call, text, or email us today.

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Keeping your roof in good condition is an integral part of home care. However, it’s not easy to identify early signs of issues since it can be dangerous to climb up there, which is why you more >>

Roof Inspection

Siding is attached to the outer walls of a home to keep out the elements. However, as it ages or becomes damaged, it can undermine the structural integrity more >>

House Needs New Siding

Extreme temperatures, ice, and snow can impact various parts of your home, including your roof. While residential roofing is resilient, homeowners should be more >>

 Damage Your Roof

Signs of a leak in your roofing can range from subtle to obvious. Roof leaks can be caused by bad weather, fallen branches, or wear and tear as your roof more >>

4 Signs of a Roof Leak

Your home becomes susceptible to water damage, pests, and other issues when there are problems with the roof. Even small perforations can lead to serious consequences, which is why it’s important more >>

3 Signs You Need Roof Repairs

Hail is a type of precipitation that forms when rain gets caught in a thunderstorm updraft and freezes into ice. While not always spherical, these ice pellets are usually roundish and can be as more >>

A Guide to Hail Damage on Roofs

Winter weather is especially hard on your roof. The snow and ice and the freezing and thawing can create several problems that may lead to costly roofing repairs if not adequately addressed.Here more >>


Gutters are critical components of your home because they divert water away from the roof, siding, landscaping, and foundation, preventing significant more >>

Repair Your Gutters

8 Insider Tips for Gutter CleaningOnce the leaves have fallen, it’s time to clean your gutters – unless, of more >>

Falling in your Gutters

During a hail storm, more than your vehicles are potentially vulnerable. These ice pellets can hurt the roof of your home, as well as other personal property. The following guide looks at what more >>

A Guide to Roofing Hail Damage